Soundtex Acoustic Nonwoven


  • €85000

The Sound of Silence

Individual noise reduction is required for optimal acoustics in modern offices, administration buildings, airports, railway stations and communication centers. The SoundTex® acoustic nonwoven with its textile structure and light weight offers important advantages compared to other sound absorbing materials such as mineral wool.

In terms of sound absorption density and uniformity of the absorber are more decisive than volume

As SoundTex® does not function as thermal insulation it is also suitable for acoustic ceilings with integrated heating or cooling system.

  • Low thickness 0.2mm
  • Activate the hot-melt finish with an infrared radiator and press by using a brush roll.
  • Lay the hot-melt side of SoundTex® onto the ceiling system and laminate SoundTex® by using a flat-iron within a temperature range of 100° - 150°C.
  • Cost-efficient installation when used in tiles and planks, since there is no need for cutting to size manually.

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